[EU] Aim Training und Building

With /cmd in the chat (ingame) you can execute the respective command
Mit /cmd im Chat (ingame) könnt ihr jeweiligen Befehl ausführen

/at Arena1 to join Aimbot Arena with bot movement.
/ar Ranch to join Aimbot Arena with freezt Bots in 25,50,75,100,150 and 200 Meters

/freebuild so you don't need any materials

/remove remove party of ur base

/clearinv strip ur inventory
/kit take a Kit (Building or Electro)

/top check Leaderboard of PvP
/kdr check ur PvP stats (Kill and Dead)

/mymini (VIP) to spawn a minicopter
/nomini (VIP) to remove ur minicopter

/noclip (VIP) if u can fly to build

/skinbox (VIP) jo skin up ur Items and Outfit

/loadout save (VIP) [coming soon]

/players see all online players (list)
/online see how many administrators and players are online

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